The perpetually sunny weather of San Diego may have something to do with the bright swagger that comes through in Hotfire’s beats. Yet it’s almost certain that, even in the coldest of climates, they would still bring the flames. Sascha Nowlin and Eric Yandall joined forces in 2010, bonding over a shared love for bottom-heavy grooves and sexy beats. In no time, they poured everything they had into their joint project, which has been tearing up the charts and cutting up the dancefloor. With a clear nod to the classic house sound and a love for low-end funk, Hotfire a bass-heavy sound that exudes just the right amount of restraint to keep the groove poppin’ with the perfect balance of class and cheeky fun.

Eric’s Eulogy

Eric has been my best friend from the moment we met sometime back in early 2010. I’ve always known him to be so charismatic and to have the type of aura about him that just puts you in a good mood. We teamed up to work on music shortly after we met and since then we’ve been through what seems like everything together. Being two kids fresh out of high school Eric was the best person to share life’s up’s & down’s with, He was a friend you knew would be there when you needed one the most.

I remember him inviting me to his high school graduation party towards the beginning of our friendship. Thinking back, DJing with someone you just met in front of their family and friends sounds terrifying. But he always had a way of making you feel comfortable in any situation. While it felt like we were both introverted in many ways, cooped up in a room playing video games or working on music, He wasn’t afraid to be himself and it showed. I have countless videos of goofy dance moves and finger-gun hand motions, and i’ll keep them forever.

Eric was a mad genius. He’s taught me so much incredibly useful stuff throughout the years and he’s always had this talent for figuring things out. He never stopped learning new things and it always amazed me how easily he could master a new subject. He always wanted to be ahead of the curve, to think outside the box, and that really motivated me to do the same.

Plenty of people can tell you he would give you the shirt off his back. I still remember him letting me borrow his little go kart Integra, maybe a month or so after knowing me. He let me use it for an entire day no question, and I remember being so amazed at the generosity he showed. He was also the strong arm when I was too shy or nervous, if any of his friends was in a tough spot he’d always be there without hesitation. Every time it came to a situation where there would be any confrontation, he would take charge and it always felt like he was taking a bullet for me.

There’s been a lot of times we’ve joked about being able to die happy after finishing up a big show, or accomplishing some kind of seemingly impossible goal. It’s somewhat comforting thinking back to those talks, long heart-to-hearts as we planned our next moves. We never thought we’d play at big festivals or meet so many great people. We never thought we’d do a lot of things that we did.

Eric had huge goals and he also supported everyone in theirs. He was humble, but he knew how to take pride in himself. He lived the way he wanted and wouldn’t take it any other way and I think he had so many qualities that make up a great human being. It’s people like Eric that make life beautiful. I hope everyone experiences a friend like him in their lifetime.

– Sascha