About the dream team., dynamic duo., daring dj's.

Hailing from the sunny city of San Diego, Hotfire has a bright swagger that comes through in their beats. Sascha Nowlin and Eric Yandall joined forces in 2010, bonding over a shared love for bottom-heavy grooves and sexy beats. In no time, they poured everything they had into their joint project, which has been tearing up the charts and cutting up the dancefloor. With a clear nod to the classic house sound and a love for low-end funk, the boys have a bass-heavy sound that exudes just the right amount of restraint to keep the groove poppin’ with the perfect balance of class and cheeky fun. They kicked off 2016 with the release of their Tough Break EP on AC Slater’s Night Bass imprint, they kept the steam going with even more sizzling beats signed to powerhouse labels such as Sweat It Out, Punks, Medium Rare Records, and More.